Evaluate your Space…

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Assessing your priorities establishes the Scope of Work.  Review the determining factors below to evaluate your kitchen.  This will help create the framework for the preliminary estimate of your kitchen renovation.  

If your project includes a bathroom, or is a stand-alone bathroom renovation, the principles are similar.  There are bathroom-specific worksheets available too!



The traditional “kitchen triangle” is becoming less relevant due to modifications to appliance and plumbing fixture sizes and placement methodology.


Maintenance guidelines and the durability of the materials, appliances and fixtures you select will have an impact on your lifestyle.


Coordinate the materials and finishes in your kitchen to reflect your lifestyle, and your personal style.


Know where to start, and where to spend, to get the most out of your investment.

Evaluate your Space


Establish the Scope of Work by evaluating your kitchen and/or bathroom.

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Specializing in kitchen renovations, Kitchen Renos West provides homeowners the opportunity of customizing the functionality of their environment, achieving spaces which express who they are and reflect how they live.