Kitchen & Bathroom Design | Build Services

Your kitchen and bathrooms can be redesigned and organized to support your household’s lifestyle.   

Every household has different needs, and each homeowner has their own priorities.  We tailor the kitchen and bathroom design services to suit.     

The Kitchen Design | Build mindset considers the renovation project as a whole.  It combines the planning and design with the estimating and scheduling of your project.  Regardless of the level of guidance you require, the overall approach to the design of your kitchen and/or bathrooms remains the same.

Design | Build  Services

Below is an outline of the streamlined process, including the detailed steps of early introduction.  The Design | Build approach helps capture the time that can be lost in a traditional design-bid-build structure.  We ensure the products you’re drawn to are suitable to your lifestyle, within your budget, and will be available when we’ll need them.

1. Introduction

I. Contact
Fill out the Introductory Contact Form (below).  I’ll respond with some follow-up questions, and initial phonecall arrangement options.
II. Phonecall

Further project details are collected and you tell me more about your household.  

III. Interaction

From here, I come out to your home to meet with you in person to learn about your project,
OR, depending on the level of personal interaction implemented,
I email you a Design Evaluation, and instructions on how to collect some info (dimensions & photos) I’ll need to provide a Design Service Proposal.

2. Discovery

I. Design Proposal

I email you a detailed preliminary Design Proposal, tailored to your needs, along with a request for a retainer (this amount depends on your package).

II. Collaboration

I create the existing footprint of your space and 
come back to your house to confirm measurements,
OR, depending on the level of personal interaction implemented,
I email you the existing footprint and we can confirm the measurements together over the phone.

Kitchen Renos West | Concept eBoard

We will improve functionally and achieve spaces which express who you are and reflect how you live. 

3. Space Planning

I. Kitchen and/or Bathroom Layout Options
Typically 3-5 Preliminary Layout Options, depending on your priorities, and the possibilities of the space. This is where much time is spent exploring household and lifestyle patterns and needs.
II. Selection Sheet and Budget

I provide a line-itemized budget for all selections to be made for your renovation.  You receive the Supplier Registry.

4. Design Development

I. Shopping

Online browsing allows homeowners to become familiar with materials.  Virtual tours of supplier’s showrooms is now possible and there are special arrangements in place with suppliers to visit showrooms when the time comes.

II. Design Scheme Concepts
Product, material and finish options are explored.
III. Finalize Floorplan
Utility service locations are determined  and your cabinet layout is finalized.  

This is when  the process can start to differ based on your individual needs. 
My role from this point on depends on the Design Package you select.

5. Documentation

I. Tradespeople

For Design Packages B & C, we bring in the tradespeople to provide estimates.

II. Project Estimate
We firm up your budget and update the project estimate. 
III. Ordering & Scheduling
The construction and installations are scheduled.  We order products and materials.  

6. Construction

I. Site Preparation & Demolition

The home is prepared for the kitchen renovation, and the demolition and removal of existing takes place.

II. Rough-ins
Products and materials start to arrive and utility services are roughed-in.  I meet tradespeople onsite to ensure directions are clear.
III. Installation & Finishing
I make periodic jobsite visits, and monitor that tasks are done to product specifications. 

Kitchen & Bathroom Design Packages

Determine which of the three Design Packages is best suited for your Kitchen and/or Bathroom Renovation

Every household has different needs, and each homeowner will have their individual set of priorities.

Essentials Pkg

Design & Selections


You/your contractor manage
your own scheduling and do
your own general contracting.

The Essentials Package
suits handy homeowners,
or homeowners whom already have a builder/contractor and tradespeople.

Customizable Pkg

Design, Selections & Renovation Guidance


I’d be your GUIDE and you’d manage
your own scheduling and do
your own general contracting.

The Customizable Package
suits handy homeowners,
who may happen to know some tradespeople.

Comprehensive  Pkg

Design, Selections & Project Management

and we use my TRADESPEOPLE

I’d oversee your kitchen renovation,
the scheduling
and the general contracting.

The Comprehensive Package
suits homeowners that need help through the whole process, including the resources to make it happen.

Each Design Service Package includes the
Kitchen & Bathroom Floorplan, Cabinet Layout and coordination of all selections required for your Kitchen and/or Bathroom Renovation;

New Cabinetry Doors
    • Cabinetry

    • Countertop 

    • Backsplash

    • Flooring

    • Plumbing

    • Light fixtures

    • Appliances

    • Fireplaces
Material and Fixture Selections

Kindly fill in what you can of the Introduction Form below… 

Kitchen & Bathroom Design Service Introduction Form

Project Type:

Home Type:

What is the timeline for your project?

When was your home built?

Please provide a budget you have in mind:

Do you already happen to know what Design Package is best for you?

3 + 7 =

Which Kitchen & Bathroom Design Package is right for you?

If you’ve filled out the Intro Form above, I’ll get back to you in a day or so.

Otherwise, reach out and let’s talk about it asap!

I’m Amber, the Designer

call/text 604 365 4151 or email
Serving Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Delta, and the surrounding areas.

Watch the slideshow video below for a recap,
and learn more about the Kitchen & Bathroom Design | Build Process in general.

eDesign Efficiency

There is slight modification to the typical method of learning about your household lifestyle, habits and family interaction.  eDesign is an efficient approach that can be implemented if/when suitable, and/or more convenient for you.   It simply allows for a level of virtual interaction, in the earliest stage, via a combination of phone/video calls and digital document sharing.


Effective process maximizes productivity.  Streamlined approach can reduce the time you are under construction.

Less design and sourcing time required.  Take advantage of incredible design contract discounts for products and materials for the project.
Space planning, design, and shopping is all possible online, initially.  Even as the project progresses, the system is designed to operate digitally.
Distancing measures remain intact by communicating online.  Special modified shopping trips to suppliers’ showrooms are arranged.  

Design Project Digital “Paperwork”

This is a collection of Concept eBoards and Drawings from a recent Design | Build Renovation Project.
Please use the arrows to scroll though the various images.

*If you are viewing from a phone, you may have to rotate it to widescreen aspect for the images to appear* 


Concept eBoards present the material and finish options. 

Kitchen Rendering

Full colour 3D Renderings of the space from various perspectives are created.

Perspective Drawing

This is a Perspective.  These line drawings help us consider the scale of the space.

Selection Sheet

The Selection Sheet is customized with an allowance for each selection required for your kitchen and/or bathroom renovation.



Start the Process

Consultations begin in the preliminary stages of project development.  Let’s explore the possibilities together!  Contact us for a consultation and in-depth analysis.