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This is a collection of articles that you may find interesting or helpful if you’re considering a kitchen renovation.  

Design Service Costs

What does working with a designer cost? When considering a Kitchen Renovation, homeowners ask, "How (much) do you charge?" This is a multi-faceted question..  How do designers charge?, is in relation to the industry in general, but What do I charge?, is based on my...

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Cabinet Door Styles & Colours

The overall feel of your kitchen is affected by the style of your cabinetry.  With such a myriad of colours and cabinet door profiles available, the options for your kitchen and/or bathroom cabinetry style is overwhelming for most homeowners.  Space planning begins...

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Kitchen Faucet Options

"How do I pick out a Kitchen Faucet?!" Beyond the function of the fixture, the general appearance of the faucet is among my first considerations. Typically, when making selections I usually consider a fixture’s, or an appliance’s, function and performance first....

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Kitchen Sink Options

"How do I pick out a kitchen sink?!" Most homeowners are surprised by the variety and variations of kitchen sinks that are available.   We are going to start with an overview of styles, and then we'll get into the list of sink sizes, materials and features.    Below,...

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Cabinetry Construction

Beyond the aesthetics of the cabinetry for your new kitchen, there are decisions that need to be made in relation to the cabinet construction.  Here is a quick overview that might help you recognize some of what you see when you enter the cabinet showroom. There are...

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Kitchen & Bathroom eDesign | Build Services

We are all taking measures to maintain reasonable distances, to help ensure health is preserved.  There is criteria to meet, and procedures to follow when visiting retailers, grocery stores, restaurants..  and even each other. "How can I get help with my kitchen...

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Cabinet Hardware Combinations

These are examples of some common cabinet hardware placement combination options.  There are various factors to consider when selecting your cabinetry hardware.  Aside from the size, style and finish, this is a look at the combination options of the cabinet...

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Kitchen Countertop Materials

This is a collection of the most common kitchen and bathroom countertop surface materials.  Countertop selection is based on priorities; durability, maintenance, cost and the look & feel of the material within the space."What countertop material is best-suited for...

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Renovation Costs

What does a kitchen remodel or a kitchen renovation cost? When embarking upon a Kitchen Renovation, homeowners ask, "What do I spend and where do we spend it?" Priorities differ from homeowner to homeowner so lifestyles and interests are explored to determine what...

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Cabinet Door Materials

Cabinets are the integral component of our kitchen renovations.  The overall style of your kitchen is established by the look of your cabinetry.  Space planning begins with your kitchen layout, and the design is developed as we explore cabinet door style, material and...

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