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It starts here..Inspiration, Design Development, Budgeting,

Scheduling and the Build-out ..and it’s all under one roof.

Specializing in kitchen renovations and kitchen remodeling, providing homeowners the opportunity to customize the functionally of their environment, achieving spaces which express who they are and reflect how they live.

Kitchens & Bathrooms support households

Explore the determining factors below, and evaluate your priorities, which will establish the Scope of Work of your project.  This creates the framework for the Preliminary Estimate of your kitchen and/or bathroom renovation.

Establish a functional layout of your new space, ensuring your fixture selection will support your lifestyle.
Develop a cohesive aesthetically pleasing personal style through strategic material and fixture selection.
Ensure the performance of the materials and fixtures you are drawn to are suitable to your lifestyle.
Protect your investment by exploring costs of various options to ensure a suitable budget is created from the onset.

Kitchen Renovation or Remodel… Know the Difference

The terms “remodel” and “renovate” are used interchangeably, however, there is a difference…

What is a renovation?

Renovating is a “space lift”; new cabinets and countertop, new flooring, appliances and the replacement of plumbing and light fixtures.   A renovation can include relocating these utility services.

What is a remodel?

A remodel can include all that a renovation does, but in addition,  typically includes structural alterations.  It usually involves relocating services; plumbing, electrical and gas lines.  Many times remodeling repurposes the use of the space.



Start the Process

Consultations begin in the preliminary stages of project development.  Let’s explore the possibilities together!  Contact us for a consultation and in-depth analysis. 

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